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Return to nature - Chinese Masters’ Artworks by Diana Roman

December 23,2019

Composers and architects create their works taking advantage of the stylistic or conceptual data. In both of these disciplines. ideas result in concrete products by means of different tools.Baroque era covers the period from 1580 to 1750.


September 16,2019

All roads lead to Shanghai every November.

The First Online Exhibition of Chinese Artists in Romania 首届中国艺术家罗马尼亚展(线上展)

October 20,2020

China has a long tradition of culture and art, Romania also has its own traditional culture and art.

Fantasy Painting online exhibition

October 21,2020

Magic Tree Art Space and Artz Gallery are launching the first online exhibition of contemporary art.

ARTZ Critics'Corner.

Fantasy Painting online exhibition


The present artworks are for sale. Contact us for prices!

Fantasy Painting online exhibition - Magic Tree Art Space and Baoding Unreal Tree Culture Media Co. Ltd together with East Library Art Gallery, Artz Gallery, and Chinese Art Registration and Certification System are launching the first online exhibition of contemporary art. 

Curators Yi Ting and Sun Hairong aim to bring forth a new generation of artists who deserve a prominent place in the art market. Therefore, the selected artists are either young or already collected by prestigious collectors, but they all have in common their talent and potential that our committee of experts acknowledged. The mission of this first online exhibition is to accompany the artists in their work, to increase their visibility, their notoriety, and their standing, building an alternative to the traditional galleries.

Gathering artists from China and beyond, this event allows the viewers to get in touch with the most recent trends in contemporary art creation, displaying a wide range of styles, from Abstraction, Figuration, Meta-Realism, to Surrealism. Today's artists work in and respond to a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advancing, and multifaceted. Working in a wide range of mediums, contemporary artists often reflect and comment on modern-day society. Therefore, this online exhibition is an excellent opportunity for art lovers and collectors to upgrade their knowledge about the most recent creations of contemporary art and to collect them!

Diana Roman/Romania)

     “幻.画”艺术作品线上展是由幻树艺术空间、保定幻树文化传媒有限公司、ARTZ Gallery、 东书房艺术馆、中国艺术品登记认证系统联合推出的首届当代艺术在线展览。



(Nora  翻译)


蔡树本  蔡武平  陈统  陈俨  陈跃跃  刀建平  Diana Roman(罗马尼亚)  杜一河  格桑梅朵  桂斌(荷兰)  何和平  黄和凯  黄勇翔  姬兴  贾亦农  蒋志雄  李娇  李小鹏  李赟  梁偉施(中国香港)  林简  刘士永  刘武  刘夕冉  罗阳  马珂嫣    马让武  孟宝松  Petra Maria(罗马尼亚)  彭永苗  Sergiu Roman(罗马尼亚)  Sissi Wu  宋铁男  谭静  王成宇  王迪  王海雄  王立华(澳大利亚)  王天国    吴川活  吴刚  吴少清  徐雁诚  徐志明  闫永军  颜聿宣  杨娟  杨晓金  叶东胜  易婷  原春鸣  张灵敏  郑印  周德  周娟林  卓德源

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