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Many A Little Makes A Mickle

The 10th edition of the International Fine Arts Exhibition organized by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum opened on July 18th in the second location, Jiading Juyuan New Area, after its one-month show in the museum. This touring exhibition is co-sponsored by the Shanghai Art Museum, the Juyuan New District Management Committee of Jiading District, Shanghai, and Shanghai Vocational College of Arts and Crafts, and undertaken by Shanghai Juyuan Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Municipal and Jiading district leaders as well as representatives from the Consulate Generals of Argentina and Venezuela in Shanghai took part in the opening ceremony. Initially marking the anniversary of China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day (June 15), the event attracted the presence of 90 artists from 22 countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, United States, Australia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Iran, Israel, the Netherlands, Finland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Indonesia, etc. Both the number of participating countries and artists have reached the historical record this year, which fully demonstrates that creators around the world maintain the traditional means of making art, of preserving the cultural values of national and global heritage.



After ten years this event has become a brand exhibition with extensive international influence and has been included in the "Shanghai Culture Brand" building planning project. Also, Shanghai Art Collection Museum is a partner of the Shanghai Municipal Government in promoting the "Belt and Road" through cultural events.


The exhibition aims at breaking the "national" borders of art creators, through its free thematic and the wide range of materials that the artists can use, addressing the idea of an "immersive" spatial exhibition in which various forms of traditional art, such as sculpture, painting, ceramics, enamel, glass, silverware, jewelry, embroidery, are integrated into the new technological discourse of the design product, digital photography or video installation. The public is invited to visit and admire the exhibited works in an intimate atmosphere accentuated by the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture of Wo Jia Cultural & Creative Space Jiading.



Diana Roman, CEO and co-founder of ARTZ Gallery, was invited to deliver a speech being the representative of many artists featured in the international exhibition. In her speech, Diana Roman affirmed her joy and honor to take part in such an outstanding event aiming at promoting international cultural cooperation and artistic exchange. She emphasized that as manager of ARTZ Gallery Shanghai she focuses her efforts on promoting Romanian art and culture in China, as it is well known that China and Romania share 70 years of political, economical and cultural relations; therefore, ARTZ’s mission is to develop a program of exhibiting a selection of famous Romanian and Chinese artists (but of course, not exclusively), with museum-level curatorship, in Mainland China.



ARTZ Gallery artists featured in the exhibition are: Irina Banari, Petra Maria, Sergiu Roman, Maria Marian and Zooming Dynasty from Romania, Mary A. Johnson and Evan Hillis from the United States of America, Peggy Le Poulen from France, Joy Chiang from Australia and Luis Prieto from Venezuela.










On their behalf Diana Roman expressed her deep respect and gratefulness to the organizers for providing this important platform of cultural and artistic cooperation. Also she manifested her hope for the continuation of the fruitful cooperation with Shanghai Art Collection Museum and other cultural institutions in order to fully participate to the preservation and development of traditional arts through creative initiatives within the Belt and the Road Global Strategy.






The artworks are on show until August 2nd, after which the exhibition will move to Yangpu District Shanghai.

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