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Many a little makes a mickle

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                                    Many a Little Makes a Mickle

——the 10th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts

Hosting Organizations: Shanghai Changning District People's Government, Shanghai Creative Industry Association

Undertaking Organizations: Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai Art & Design Academy

Time: June 12th - July 12th, 2020

Venue: Shanghai Art Collection Museum (No. 1731, West Yan'an Road)

The 10th International Exhibition of Fine Arts, hosted by Shanghai Changning District People's Government and Shanghai Creative Industry Association, and undertaken by Shanghai Art Collection Museum and Shanghai Art and Design Academy, opened in Shanghai on June 11th.

The exhibition is a commemoration to celebrate the 15th Cultural and Natural Heritage Day of China, and is also ranked in construction content of "Shanghai Culture" brand and project of Shanghai Traditional Handicraft Revitalization Plan, as well as a key cultural exchange project of Shanghai Municipal Government to promote the communications and exchanges with friendly cities along the "Belt and Road". 

Entitled “Many a Little makes a Mickle”, the exhibition has attracted famous artists, masters of arts and crafts and intangible cultural heritage inheritors from 22 countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Iran, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Israel, the Netherlands, Finland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Indonesia, Colombia and Tunisia, etc. Both the number of participating countries and participating artists, hit the historic record, which fully demonstrates that artists from all over the world stick to their original intention, learn from each other, integrate with each other, and persist in the development of inheritance and innovation in the overall style. This is particularly valuable in the context of the current blocked communication due to COVID-19, reflecting the desire of good communication shared by all different institutions and artists.

Romania is represented by 4 artists, all featured by ARTZ Gallery: Irina Banari, Sergiu Roman, Zooming Dynasty and Petra Maria. 





Other ARTZ Gallery artists included in the exhibition are: Peggy Le Poulen, Mary A. Johnson, Joy Chiang, Evan Hillis, and Luis Prieto. 






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